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This article has been published in following magazines:

"Problems of Engineering and Automation",
International Journal, Vol. 1, N1, 2000.
Editor-in-Chief: Academician K. V. Frolov.


      In the paper "Paradoxes in the Electromagnetism Theory and the Methods of their Eliminating" I have as its objective the following:

      1) to eliminate the paradoxes which arise when the electromagnetic wave propagation in the free space is described within the electromagnetic theory and when the value of E.M.F. induction is computed;

      2) to disclose the reason for the appearance of the necessity of the additional calibration equations using when different electrodynamics problems are solved with the help of the system of Maxwell's equations.

      For the purpose I deal with fundamental statements of the classical mathematical field theory on the basis of which the procedure of correct using is suggested. With the help of the procedure obtained the system of Maxwell's equations was studied. As a result it was disclosed that to unite the electric and magnetic fields in one electromagnetic field what was made by Maxwell is artificial and gave rise to contradictions between the the electromagnetism theory and experimental results and it's also contradictory to Newton's third law and the principle of cause. The difficulties which appeared in solving the concrete electrodynamics problems gave rise to stepping back from correctly using the methods of the classical mathematic field theory for obtaining the solutions coinciding with experimental results.

      On the basis of rigorous requirement for triunitness of the experiment, physical model and mathematic formulating I suggest the magnetic field theory that rigorously defines the space form of the field, its sources, the force of interaction with electric charges and that allows to get accurate solutions of magnitodynamics problems ( the problems concerning with the light and radio waves propagation and with computing the value of E.M.F. induction ) without using any uncorrections with respect to the classical mathematic field theory not being in contradiction to the known physical laws.

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